Thursday, April 28, 2011

lululemon Product Lingo

Confused by those special little abbreviations on lululemon hangtags? Want to learn to educate like the pros in our boutique?
Say hello to our crash course on lululemon product lingo. They use abbreviations in their product names and hangtags to tell you what kind of technology makes each garment special. Consider this your go-to education guide to knowing exactly what your excited about!
Generation of Garment (I, II, III, IV)
These little Roman numerals are how lululemon indicates a new version of a much loved item. Every season, lululemon counts on your feedback to figure out exactly what you love and what can be improved. Their quest never ends when it comes to fit and function and I, II and III mark the way.
*Fabric Name
Whenever you see a (*) followed by the fabric, it indicates that this fabric has been used to create the product. It can represent the main fabric used, or a secondary fabric only used in sections. *Tweed, *Mesh, *Rib and *Org are all examples.
Brushed (*Br or *Brushed)
Brushed promises a warm, soft layer against your skin. Specifically, the fabric's bottom layer has been agitated and brushed to create a cozy, super soft feel.
Durable Water Repellent (DWR)
Fabric has been treated with a finish that causes water to bead off of the surface to keep you dry.
Water Repellent vs. Waterproof: lululemon waterproof products have an outer shell capable of repelling water and taped seems to keep all water from penetrating. Water repellent garments do not have taped seems.
Organic (*Org or *Organic)
Certified Organic Cotton is an exciting edition to the amazing lululemon fabric line.
Pique (*Pique ~ pronounced "pee-kay")
Pique luon fabric is luon that has been woven to give a more textured look and feel. It's like wearing your favorite knit sweater or pants with the superb 4-way stretch and sweat wicking abilities you know and love.
Ruffle (*Ruffle)
A textured detail to add originality to your athletic gear!
Sparkle (*Sparkle)
Subtle silver-colored threads woven into the fabric make you shine on the outside too!!
Special Edition (*Special Edition)
A new detail, feature or pattern puts a twist on a core item.
Reversible (*RVRS)
Your outfit possibilities double, thanks to lululemon's reversible options in both pants and jackets. Their flat seem technology enables them to offer two unique looks in one.
lululemon provides all the options. You can choose between sleeveless (SL), short sleeve (SS), or long sleeve (LS) to ensure the right garment for every workout.
Regular (*R)
This indicates lululemon's standard inseam. For ladies, the inseam is 31.5" (size 2/4 = 31"). Men can expect 33".
Tall (*T)
Those with wonderfully long legs need not worry - a tall length is made just for you!! Women's *T inseam is 35" for sizes 4 & 6, and 35.5" for sizes 8 - 12. Men's *T is 36".
And there you have it. Take your newfound knowledge and shop fearlessly!!!

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