Saturday, February 12, 2011

Joseph Pilates Contrology Sports Illustrated Article

"Sports Illustrated arranged for me to meet with Joe Pilates in his second floor studio. I was 24 and weighed 145 pounds. He was thirty pounds heavier, several inches shorter and 56 years older. I can still recall his handshake - I sensed he could bend me like a pretzel if he cared to. Within a few minutes I was photographing Joe bending himself into one. His gymnasium attracted beautiful people: ballerinas, modern dancers and actors who would subject themselves
to his authoritarian control. Though he personally demonstrated and explained the mechanical contraptions designed to strengthen and stretch the body, the clouds of 40 years dimmed his voice. Yet, I can remember him telling stories about Germany and how he outwitted the Brown Shirts on several occasions. Before we parted he encouraged me, for everlasting youth, to practice Contrology. It took me 39 years to follow his advice." ~ I.C. Rapoport