Monday, September 27, 2010

September Anatomy of Pilates Workshop

We invite you to join us for Septembers' monthly wellness workshop! These informative get-togethers are free and open to the community. Join us on September 30th from 5:30-7:00 pm for The Anatomy of Pilates. Take a look, listen and feel of the specific anatomy involved when practicing Pilates, and get better acquainted with the very functional role these bones, muscles and joints play in your posture, strength and youthful suppleness! You will gain a deeper understanding of how your body works and how very powerful your Pilates "Powerhouse" can be!

Coming in October: The Pulley in Pilates!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

TRX Suspension Training

Haven't tried our new TRX Suspension Training classes yet? Don't miss out! Check out our class schedule and make your reservation online!

A terrific complement to your Pilates practice, the TRX Suspension System will challenge your Pilates body to the core. Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It utilizes the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to enable hundreds of exercises.

The TRX classes are part of our Open Mat Program, and are limited to 6 participants, so sign-up early to save your spot!

Click here to see a video about TRX Suspension Training.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The first "exercise" a new client learns when working on the Reformer is how to sit from standing, and then lie down with control and in the proper position. This first lesson begins a commitment to learning "transitions," or the movements that we make between the actual exercises we learn on the Pilates mat and apparatus. These transitions blend one exercise into the next to form a seamless workout. This is one of the unique properties of a True Pilates workout - one of the most important ways that we deepen our workouts into the realm of "artful" as well as mindful movement.

In Pilates we work towards achieving precision and flow. This begins by leaning to transition between exercises on the apparatus -- changing springs efficiently and properly so as not to waste time and energy and to keep the workout moving. We want to achieve a minimum of motion between the exercises to maximize the flow and movement of the complete workout!

Purpose of Transitions
The purpose of transitioning between exercises is to keep the workout moving - to get to that important "flow." In a Pilates workout, even the space between the exercises is exercise. Transitions intensify the workout, develop the flow, and keep you focused on what you're doing. Learning and using transitions moves your Pilates practice to a new level -- to the way that Joe intended -- to a full hour of mindful movement.

Benefits of Transitions
On the apparatus, when you move smoothly from one exercise to the next, (including changing springs, lowering the footbar, etc) you are essentially training yourself to workout without the help of an instructor. You are becoming self-aware and self-sufficent, and you can take the self-sufficent workout with you wherever you go. If you visit another studio, you will know exactly what to do and be "at home" with your Pilates practice.

Another great benefit of learning your transitions is that you will advance in the Pilates method more quickly. Smooth transitions save time, and you'd be surprised how much time is actually left in the hour when transitions are done correctly. That means more time to learn new exercises. In fact, you won't only advance by learning new exercises, but transitioning will put you so deep into "the zone" that your mental workout will advance as well.

Examples of Transitions

-Changing springs on the reformer
-Getting on/off the Reformer, Long Box, Short Box and
Chairs, etc. properly
-Transitions between mat exercises
-Transitions between exercises in the Long Stretch Series,
Stomach Massage Series, etc.
-Lowering the Footbar on the reformer for an efficient
-The transition from coming into the studio standing, to lying down, to standing again

So go for the flow! Work the transitions as if they are truly exercises themselves - to be understood and mastered. Your Pilates practice will be the better for it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pilates for the Playhouse

The week of July 12th through the 17th, Joe’s Place-True Pilates in East Dennis hosted PILATES FOR THE PLAYHOUSE! - a fundraising event at our studio benefiting the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, MA. With the help of generous contributions, we raised $1800! Last year, Joe’s Place was able to raise over $1500, providing a substantial donation for the local icon. In fact, the event was such a success; Joe’s Place decided to make sure it’s an annual event!!

PILATES FOR THE PLAYHOUSE! featured a full week of donation only Pilates classes, demonstrations on the Pilates apparatus and free trial sessions on the Pilates Reformer. In addition, the event culminated on Saturday, the 18th with a raffle for massages, Pilates classes, Pilates private sessions, lululemon athletica clothing, Arbonne Swiss Skin Products - and a pair of tickets for a night at The Playhouse! The auction also featured donated items and gift certificates for services and products from many generous, local businesses.

The Cape Playhouse is a historical icon in the Dennis Community and on Cape Cod. Celebrating more than 80 seasons, the Cape Playhouse is America's Oldest Professional Summer Theatre. Californian Raymond Moore first brought Broadway to Cape Cod in 1927 when he bought a 19th century former Unitarian Meeting House, moved it to 3 1/2 acres of pasture land fronting the Old Kings Highway (820 Route 6A) in Dennis and converted it into a theatre. The original pews, still serve as seats.

Over the years, the Cape Playhouse has attracted many big name stars from Broadway and the silver screen. Many made their professional stage debuts there, giving it the nickname "The Birthplace of the Stars." Each season of it’s over 80 years, the Playhouse has aimed to bring the best performers, favorite and familiar plays, comedies, mysteries and musicals to the audiences of Cape Cod. The ultimate goal is to guarantee quality, professional entertainment in the form of great theatre, a goal that Joe’s Place-True Pilates firmly supports.

For more information about the annual PILATES FOR THE PLAYHOUSE! fundraiser, contact Joe’s Place-True Pilates at 508-385-8882, or though the website You can also connect with The Cape Playhouse at 508-385-3838 or through