Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring brings Change....

Change. Change is the only thing that succeeds. Some fear it. Some don't want to think about it. Some go with its inevitability and creatively make it work for them. That's us - and that's what Pilates is all about -- changing bodies and minds. And breathing deeply as we change......

Seasons come and go and with them, changes in the colors, feelings, and activities that belong to a particular season. For me, this season also comes with a renewed appreciation for the gifts I've been given -- including the opportunity to share my love of Pilates with a wonderful "family" of clients, and of caring, loyal teachers and apprentices. You are all so important to me!

I'm excited about the changes we're making in both our Spring schedule and the ease with which you will be able to diversify your Pilates training with our new program packages and memberships. I hope you will agree.

Thank you for choosing us to be your partner as you endeavor to change....... and reach your health and fitness goals. As we teach you, we learn from you -- and we all change for the better together.

"Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress." ~ Bruce Barton


Joy George-Bryden
Joe's Place-True Pilates

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tips for Fitness with a Busy Schedule
It's all about prioritizing when you work a hectic schedule - especially this time of year!! Most days are packed, but it's important to get in a good sweat, at least most days. Rely on the following tips and you will stay fit and sane.
Sweat in the Morning
Productivity increases big time if you work out first thing in the morning. Most people are more likely to do it before the rush begins, plus you don't have to think about it for the rest of the day. Put your gear out the night before. When your alarm goes off in the morning, start your workout within the first half hour of your day.
Schedule Workouts into your Calendar. Set Reminders. Have Integrity.
Schedule a workout class at the same time each week. Tell your co-workers in the morning so they are fully aware of your plans. Chances are they will hold you accountable even if your day gets crazy.
Seek out your Workouts before Traveling
Before you travel for work or pleasure, check out where the cool studios or running spots are and choose hotels with gyms whenever possible.
Get some New Gear
New workout clothes can make your day. It's the perfect reward when you've been working out hard. Isn't waking up early easier when you get to break in a new pair of pants or shoes?
Plan a Meeting/Workout Mash-Up
If you don't need your computer, it can be fun to meet while going for a run or a walk. The endorphin rush makes for great brainstorming and bonding.
Work out at Work
If you aren't fortunate enough to work at a company that offers fitness classes, why not propose it? If it isn't feasible, start a run club before or after work 1-2 days a week.
Make Work out Plans with a Co-Worker or Friend
You'll be less likely to back out if you make plans with someone ahead of time. Create your weekly schedule in advance and share it with friends and co-workers to see if they would like to join. You could even post it on Facebook or tweet to see who is interested in going.
Commit to a Challenge
If you pay the money to do a 30 day challenge, you'll be more likely to actually go. Plus, a little friendly competition always helps.
When you change up your workouts, it feels less like work. Attend complimentary classes in the area, try new studios, go for runs, hikes, swims - you name it. Always be on the lookout for fun, new classes, running routes and DVDs.
Get New Tunes
When you feel unmotivated, add some new music to the mix. It keeps things fun, fresh and interesting.
Pick up a Fitness Magazine
Getting new workout ideas and healthy tips motivates you to work out. Pilates Style Magazine, Women's Health, Fitness, SELF and Shape are all great options.
Get into a Routine
It's all about establishing good habits. Whatever activities you choose, commit and make them a routine. When you get into the habit you are less likely to back out. Your body craves it.
Final note? Don't let a lack of time become an obstacle in taking care of yourself. If your goal is to workout more, make it a priority. You'll feel better, get more done and be happier!!
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Top 5 Pilates Myths

The increasing popularity of Pilates is a wonderful thing, but like the game, Telephone, where the meaning of a phrase gets distorted as it is passed along, as word spreads about Pilates, so have some ideas about it that aren't serving anybody. Here a few of the myths about Pilates that can send Pilates folks into mild hysteria, if not full on conniptions.

Myth 1: Pilates is a Derivative of Yoga

Ah, this one is causing a gnashing of teeth for both Pilates and yoga practitioners, especially teachers who have students come in thinking that yoga and Pilates are interchangeable. Pilates is not a derivative of yoga, although Joseph Pilates did study yoga, along with many other fitness and body/mind disciplines. While Pilates and yoga are very complementary practices, they are also very different.

Myth 2: Pilates is Just a Quick Fix for Flabby Abs

Well, the truth in this one is that Pilates is a fix for flabby abs. Pilates is well known for flattening tummys. The reason that Pilates does focus on working from the core, especially the deeper abdominal muscles, is that toning the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles provides stability and freedom of motion throughout the body. This is one of the reasons that Pilates has been so successful for people who have back pain.

However, Pilates does not stop at abdominal work at all. Structural integration, and learning to create a flexible, strong body that can move freely and efficiently are important goals of Pilates fitness. To this end, Pilates works all body parts in a very balanced way, not just the abs.

The Pilates method is also a practice of mind/body fitness. Developing a body that works as a harmonious whole requires much more than a calisthenic or spot reduction approach to fitness. The Pilates principles ~ control, centering, breath, flow and precision all support an integrative mind/body experience through Pilates exercise.

Myth 3: Pilates is Easy & for Wimps

Hold it while I count to 10, do my breathing exercises and visualize peace! I've been hearing this easy Pilates rumor around lately and it just about sends me into orbit.

I think the idea that Pilates is easy comes from a few places. First, Pilates is very adaptable. It can be easy, or very hard, depending on the needs of the individual. The ability to modify exercises for different populations is actually one of the greatest strengths of Pilates. Second, the soaring popularity of Pilates has meant that there are many beginner Pilates classes in practically every gym and studio around the country. This is a good thing, but it also means that people are not necessarily exposed to the intermediate and advanced levels of Pilates. Third, Pilates exercises are often done slowly. There is an emphasis on awareness and control that can make an exercise look easy to a casual observer.

I can think of other reasons that Pilates might seem to be easy. It is a popular form of exercise for pregnant women, it is used in rehabilitation, and people of all ages and sizes can do Pilates. Nevertheless, I assure you that the Pilates method presents ongoing challenges for even the fittest athletes (with whom Pilates is also very popular).

Myth 4: Pilates is Mostly for Women

Pilates has never been "just for women" and its benefits are certainly not gender biased. After all, Pilates was developed by a man, Joseph Pilates, who is said to have been a rather macho man at that. Joe was a gymnast, a boxer, and a military trainer in his early years, and pictures of Pilates even into his 80's, reveal a very strong, fit physique. Men have always played an important role in maintaining the Pilates work and shaping its evolution. Teachers like Ron Fletcher, who studied directly with Joseph Pilates, and Rael Isakowitz are among the most visible today.

It is true that Pilates is very popular with women, but there is nothing about Pilates that makes it more for women than men. The adaptability of the Pilates method to different levels of fitness and body types has made Pilates an accessible and effective fitness choice for women. Also, Pilates has attracted a large number of dancers, especially women, and many of them have chosen Pilates as a next career. More women teachers has made Pilates more attractive to women students. Both of these factors may have contributed to a somewhat feminized perception of Pilates. Fortunately, now that the Pilates method is becoming so well accepted in fitness, more men are showing up in studios and training programs.

Myth 5: Anyone can Teach Pilates with a Little Book & DVD Study, or a Short Workshop

There is an unfortunate truth in this. Pilates instruction is not regulated at the moment and anyone who wants to can claim to be teaching Pilates. But that's as far as it goes. Pilates is a sophisticated method of exercise and a qualified instructor will have had a lot of education and apprentice experience.

The certification to teach Pilates mat exercises is often just a weekend course, but this should be preceded by extensive time spent as a student. Full Pilates certification is much more extensive, requiring the study of anatomy, special populations, teaching skills, and all of the Pilates equipment and mat exercises. Most Pilates instructors have good training, but since the industry is not regulated it is up to the consumer to ask questions and be a discerning student, and the responsibility of prospective instructors to be sure that they have adequate education before teaching a class.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our New Location is Open!!

We're Ready!!!

To open new doors. To take on new challenges. To expand our programs. And to continue our quest to honor Joseph Pilates work through our teaching, and our service to our clients.
We've been working tirelessly these past two weeks to get it done and do it right. And we're ready to great you in our beautiful new Dennis studio!
Our full schedule is up and running again - TRX, Pilates Sculpt and BeyondBarre classes are back. And we have some surprises in store for you in the weeks and months to come.

We're Thankful!!

To all of our clients for their show of support, loyalty and caring as we made this transition. We are overwhelmed by the heartfelt consideration you have given us.

And to the the crew that lifted, carried, hammered, sheetrocked, cut, glued, sanded, painted and set up - WOW!! You got it ready in one week!! You're amazing!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

We're Flexible!!

After all, we're Pilates teachers and students - we should be right?

So with our very flexible bodies and minds we have endured the unconscionable behavior of our landlord at Cape Cod Health & Fitness as we attempted to honorably and graciously end our eleven year tenancy - but enough is enough. We've moved out!!

Our bright, new location in Dennis will open on August 15th, and as our new space is being painted, poilished and prepared, we will be continuing our sessions and most of our classes at our Harwich location.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold our TRX, Pilates Sculpt and BeyondBarre classes until we make the move.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that those of you who can, will work out with us in our Harwich studio, and all of you will be back on board when we open up in Dennis again on the 15th.

"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live." - Flora Whittemore

Our new address is 860 Route 134, Unit 7, South Dennis, MA (that's just 1.5 miles from our previous location!)

In addition to continuing our Pilates and massage services, our new location will allow us to expand our Pilates mat, BeyondBarre and TRX schedule, as well as add a variety of group exercise classes, fitness services, nutritional counseling and wellness coaching!

Our Grand Opening Celebration will be combined with our Pilates for the Playhouse week!!!

Once our move is complete, we'll be having a celebration - and you're invited!! Fun, food, fitness and friends will abound, and we hope you'll join us!

We're going to have our annual Pilates for the Playhouse event join in for double the excitement!! There will be wonderful silent auction items from local merchants, raffles for Pilates and massage, complimentary classes and services and much more!!

Join us during the week of August 22 through August 26 to bid on our silent auction, purchase raffle tickets - and to see our new digs!! And all day Saturday, August 27th we will be having an open house and announcing all the winners!

Support the Cape Playhouse, visit our new studio - eat, drink and be merry!

Whew! What a week! You won't want to miss it!!

We'd love to hear your feedback!! Feel free to email us at mailto:Joe, or visit our website at for more information.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We're Moving!!

We're Excited!!!

This has been a big year for Joe's Place-True Pilates! After growing steadily over the past 11 years in Dennis, we've added a successful Authentic Pilates Teacher Training program, brought TRX and BeyondBarre classes to our studio, been featured in a CHA Magazine article, voted Best Pilates Studio on Cape Cod and recently added a second location in Harwich!

Yup, we sure have grown!! And now... we've outgrown our current location!

Joe's Place-True Pilates is moving to a beautiful, new location in August!

Our new address will be 860 Route 134, South Dennis, MA (that's just 1.5 miles from our current location!).

In addition to continuing our current Pilates & massage services, our new location will allow us to expand our Pilates mat schedule, as well as add a variety of Group Exercise classes, fitness services, nutritional counseling and wellness coaching!!

We know that change can be tough for some people - but we don't intend to skip a beat as we make this exciting move!! We've got plans in place, and plenty of people involved to help us make this a smooth, easy change for our clients!

As our new space is being painted, polished and prepared - we will be continuing business as usual at our current location. And the down time to move our equipment will be whittled to one day. We'll be keeping everyone informed of the details as that day approaches!

Plans for our Grand Opening are in the Works!! (Date TBA!!)

Once our move is complete, we'll be having a celebration - and you're invited!! Fun, food, fitness and friends will abound, and we hope you'll enjoy us for this exciting event!! (We'll be sure to let you know when so you can save the date!)

Questions? Concerns?

Don't be misinformed! For more details and answers to any questions you may have, please feel free to contact Joy at 508-385-8882 or via email at

Friday, June 10, 2011

BeyondBarre Offered at Joe's Place-True Pilates

Joe's Place-True Pilates is now certified to offer BeyondBarre classes!! What is BeyondBarre you might ask? Designed by New York Pilates in Motion owner Colleen Ketchum, a certified Power Pilates Instructor, and Michelle Duvall, a fellow Power Pilates teacher, the BeyondBarre exercise program focuses on proper form and body alignment to avoid strain and injury and produce optimum body transforming results. And because they included modifications for each exercise, the program can be done by all fitness levels. It is truly a unique, body transforming ballet barre workout that combines:
  • Body Sculpting
  • Fat Burning
  • Muscle Lengthening
  • Glide Board for Incredible Results
  • Barre to Sculpt the Thighs & Lift the Seat
  • Light Weights to Tone the Arms
  • Ab Work to Narrow the Waist
  • BeyondBarre Glide Board for Fun Cardio

BeyondBarre kicks up the typical barre exercise program several notches with its one of a kind cardio series. The result? A true body sculpting, fat burning workout unlike any other. Each 55 minute session consists of:

  • Ballet Inspired Barre Leg Work to Build Long, Lean Legs
  • Free Weights for Upper Body Sculpting
  • A Stomach Flattening Abdominal Series
  • Pattent Pending BeyondBarre Glide Board

Each exercise is thoughtfully and purposefully placed in the class exercise order to maximize the ability to burn fat, sculpt the body and build long, lean muscles. The teachers took ballet barre leg sculpting exercises and amplified them. The program is designed to strengthen the muscles by working to fatigue then stretch to lengthen and sculpt. By adding the BeyondBarre glide board cardio, along with balls, bands and funky music mixes, you slim down while having fun.

Visit our website at to view our class schedule and sign up online.